“For my children Italy will be an innovation lab and not a museum”; the Sting reports live from World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos

Matteo Renzi click at #WEF

Matteo Renzi shot at World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos, Switzerland

The World Economic Forum 2015 just started earlier this morning amidst the ice cold Swiss Alps. After facing the train delays in Klosters Platz and all the increased security control, we were all queuing to sit at the Congress Hall of Davos Congress centre. The first most important session for World Economic Forum 2015 yet to come just finished just half an hour ago.

Its importance was so high that the founder, Professor Klaus Schwab, came to introduce the session where the Prime Minister of Italy, Mr Matteo Renzi was the key figure. The title of the session was: “Transformational Leadership”.

Mr Renzi made the full Congress Hall shaking with an inspiring speech on Italy’s and Europe’s future. The young promising European leader of one of the top European countries and economies in the world did what he was expected to do, rewire the brains of the audience.

Mr Renzi appeared certain that his country is on the right path to grow and excel after all the harsh and necessary reforms his government has been passing. Italy is not only about the beauty, the culture, the music and history he underlined.

“For my children Italy will be an innovation lab and not a museum”, the Premier said expressing his adamant will to break all the rusty bureaucracy, in his beautiful country in the European south, and to look ahead.

Further, Mr Renzi did not just talk about Europe. The Italian leader spoke about the European Union and Eurozone as well. He appeared astonished by the European emphasis on austerity. During G20, he said, last November in Brisbane-Australia, the most important countries in the world were speaking growth but Europe still chatting about austerity! Mr Renzi was quite nervous about this European stance actually. His committed work hopefully will change the way things run in Brussels and particularly Berlin.

Finally, Mr Renzi seems to be grasping what many are turning a blind eye on in Brussels.

“The future is not only economy! Without political leadership we are not in position to invest in a different world”, Mr Renzi said. And he is absolutely right! Today and for the past few years Brussels and Berlin are doing more business than politics. We see the aftermath of this in turnout or even far extremist, zero to hero, parties gaining power in Europe in a worryingly frenetic pace.

Mr Renzi ended this thrilling speech with a reference to a “New Renaissance” that he is expecting for Belpaese, and Europe as well, soon to blossom. “This could change the situation around the world”, as he stressed.-

Stay tuned at the European Sting, the only Brussels media that effectively broke the “Brussels bubble” and made it to Davos with live critical coverage of the most important sessions of the World Economic Forum 2015.

His vibrant speech live from Davos follows here:










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