JADE Romania Celebrates the 4th Anniversary

logo_jade_blu_cmyk_tagline2May 6, 2014 News Room

In 2014, JADE Romania celebrated its 4th year of existence, by organising the annual National Meeting.  The event took place in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, between the 4th and 6th of April. For this, JADE Romania has welcomed the guests coming from different parts of the country, at Ibis Hotel.

The first day debuted with a 3 hour conference on Entrepreneurial Attitude, snacks, a lot of coffee, Pepsi power-ups and engaging networking. After an inspiring speech from one of the most passionate JADE follower, Liza Gutium, President of JADE Romania, we got down to business, firstly with Sorin Matei. His advice for Junior Entrepreneurs? Find your WHY in order to get started.  Vlad Tăuşance followed, and in the spirit of the entrepreneurial attitude, taught us “how to break it in order to make it”. He called this experience how to hack the mentalities. The attitude adjustment went all the way to the importance of the team you work with. With this subject in mind Dana Tudor gave a fulfilling speech about Team Management and also a fabulous teaser for her workshop scheduled the following day.

A refreshing snack break, served with the vital Aqua Carpatica, went perfectly with the wish of the participants to network and “question” the speakers furthermore. Next, we met Dragoş Roua, who made an amazing comparison between start-ups and three of his favourite hobbies. He set the attitude with altitude telling his paragliding stories from New Zeeland, the passion people put in tango or the strength in running a marathon. On the same original note, Cristian Hossu entertained us a bit with a physical ice-breaker that tangled our hands and tricked our nose. He made a presentation with and about his son, Jason aka Lil’ Tiger. He compared the entrepreneurial attitude with the attitude of his son who is getting to know the world with full on curiosity and courage.

Second day started off with a high dose of caffeine to compensate for the night before. We head out for the first session of parallel workshops on Team Management with Dana Tudor, Time Management with Iulian Olariu and Sales with Dan Berteanu. I hopped from one workshop to another, only to see happy faces, thinking caps and feel a good vibe. Most impressive quote from the first sash was definitely Dan Berteanu’s who said “All people fit in 4 boxes”. Having walked in just that moment I had to listen to the rest of his session only to understand that he was referring to prospective clients.

After the well-deserved break we took another precious advice from Iulian Olariu for our followers that shook a bit our reality: “Stop Multitasking!  Your brain needs to pause between each activity or else you face lowering your IQ with 10%”. After the delicious lunch we had from City Grill Bucharest we returned happy and rested to the next session of workshops: Settling Healthy Habbits with Petra Muller, Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs with Liviu Vasilescu and the three best trainers in Business Organization for Students – Iulian Novischi, Money Management and wealth development for Entrepreneurs, Alexandru Ene – Branding for Entrepreneurs and George Margas – Business Model Generation. All of them launched exactly what we hoped for – fire passionate discussions, knowledge exchange, good vibes, smiles and warm hearted ice breakers (especially with Petra Muller).

The third day, however, started with a different energy power up – a pair of wings from Red Bull. The guys from the world wide known energy drink lit up our working mechanism, with the delicious Red Bull fuel. So, we started the engines for one of the most revealing panel discussions I have attended. Vladimir Oane, Victor Popescu and Sergiu Neguţ opened up to us about their early years, motivations and general Entrepreneurial Attitude they adopted to make it big in their industries.

For more details, check out the #RoNM14! This way, you will have access to more photos or rebellious stories from the speakers. Another thing I took from JADE Romania’s National Meeting besides knowledge was one of the JEWC badges. The representatives from Switzerland, Maxime Provini and LoïkNarby from JEHEH made an awesome presentation of the future event and inspired a lot of Junior Entrepreneurs and Bucharest students to attend.

It was amazing to see people engaging in the JADE movement and fabulous to be part of this from the very beginning. Through this article, I want to thank the team for making it happen and last but not least to the incredible guests we had. And it is true: Together we grow!

Ioana David,

JADE Romania National Meeting Organising Team






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