JADE visits Lithuanian Junior Initiatives

logo_jade_blu_cmyk_tagline2December 2, 2013 News Room

The last months have been very busy for JADE Team, with a lot of in-house activities, but also with many travels, either for the national meetings of our Members or other projects. Between 2nd and 7th of November JADE Team travelled to Lithuania, to get in contact with the Junior Initiatives present there and to see their progress and prospects to join our awesome network.

5 days, 3 cities and 2 members of JADE Team, President and Brazilian Ambassador responsible for Enlargement, are key elements of the Junior Enterprise adventure in Lithuania. The story started around a year and a half ago, when some Junior Initiatives were established and got in contact with JADE. After three semesters, we can proudly see 4 Junior Initiatives, struggling to promote the concept in their country and giving amazing development opportunities to their members.

In November, the quest started in Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania. We met SVT (Studentų Verslo Tiltas) the initiative of Vilnius University and, after checking up on their progress, we discussed about the many challenges they are facing.

Afterwards, we travelled to Klaipeda, a city on the western side of the country, right on the shore of the Baltic Sea. There, we had a presentation about the Junior Enterprise concept and this rich experience in front of around 20 students, in order to motivate them to join the local Junior Initiative – Rytojaus Projektai. The day continued with the already mentioned update session about the activities of the initiative and it ended with a workshop, delivered by our President, on how to motivate the members of the team, how to work together as a team and how to recruit new members and to engage them in the adventurous life of a Junior Entrepreneur.

In the next day, we already arrived in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania. There, we met “Create by Touch”, the Junior Initiative from the local University. After discussing with the members of the team, JADE held a presentation about our concept in front of around 60 students, with the purpose of motivating them to join the initiative. The open presentation was followed by some intense hours invested in defining and polishing the business model of “Create by Touch”. Through the Business Model Canvas, the team took another look at their activities and development opportunities. After leaving them some food for thought, we returned to Vilnius for meeting the last Junior Initiative, 4Ideas.  Many things have happened in their existence of a year and a half and the challenge we dealt with in the workshop was members’ motivation.

The most exciting part of our visit was yet to come. In the last night, we met representatives of all the Junior Initiatives, delivered a workshop on client prospection and moved on to the hot topic of our agenda: joining JADE network. We discussed about the international exposure, the vast opportunities, but, more importantly, the feeling of being part of our network, our entrepreneurial culture, the international events and, overall, the amazing world of Junior Enterprises.

Hopefully, very soon, we will be able to officially welcome Lithuania to JADE network. Until then, we will continue our support and hard work.

Together we grow!







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