The Sting’s Team

The European Sting started off in 2013 in Brussels against all odds, with no resources but a passionate team of well educated people coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have worked in the EU Affairs media arena and decided to put a clear stop to the misinformation and the biased agenda setting in the EU and the world. Today our writers are hundreds of citizens of the world from all walks of life and all corners of the planet who come together at The European Sting platform to contribute thoughtful and stimulating articles with the scope to amplify the clear voice expressed herewith for a better world. If you wish to get on board you can check our iSting section at any time. Anyone can write and publish articles with The European Sting and change the world with original thoughts for a start.

There is no secret power behind, no covert interests; nothing but a professional integrity towards the citizens of the world to inform them about what is really happening both in the EU and outside of it. For that reason we provide you with factual daily information about the European Union. We also partner with huge organisations like the World Economic Forum to give you cutting edge trends, research and stimuli of our constantly changing world. Another cordial partner of us is the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) whereby powerful young doctors around the world leave their influential two cents on topics that matter.

Make no mistake whatsoever; this political newspaper that changed the media world ten years ago is not about who we are, it is about who You Are.

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