Can it be that EU’s Von der Leyen goes to DC to be told how to do her job?

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission in one of the numerous “spontaneous” pics she is taken by the EC Audiovisual Service holding a phone. European Union, 2020
Source: EC – Audiovisual Service

Here we go again, Ursula von der Leyen, EU’s unelected by the people chief is packing her suitcase for Washington this week to be told by the 81 year old US President Biden how to do her job; at least the latter was elected. This time the US spreads rumours about “intelligence” that China is planning to send weapons to Russia to fight Ukraine. Hopefully this US intelligence is more trustworthy than the forged one that President Bush used to start the war in Iraq back in 2003.

Biden will thus try to convince the already convinced EU leader that this intelligence is real and that the EU should strive to make its diverse members sanction China, as if the EU-China or the US-China relations were not bad enough these days. That will be the purpose of the trip together with other additional ways to serve US interests and not the EU ones.

At the same decadent time, the US administration approves a grand arms sale worth of $619 million to Taiwan with numerous beautiful American missiles for F-16 fighter jets that never miss; unlike the war in Serbia whereby the American missiles missed and killed kids. Is the US declaring openly the war to China, as if this is prudent tactics in the turbulent 2023 whereby the Russia-Ukraine war lingers and is just about to escalate? If this is not just American hubris, this can be seen as a concealed way to start a World War III, given the One China Policy which basically means that Taiwan is part of China, although the rest of the (Americanised) world interprets One China Policy in their own way in order to nurture the separatist hype in Taiwan to hurt China’s interests.

Is it too postmodern for one to think that the US is spreading rumours that China sends arms to Russia in order to justify the US admin approval of selling missiles to Taiwan? One might say that Biden has lost it, touched by the numerous videos out there that beg for this inference. But he would be wrong, because it is not a man’s decision to arm Taiwan but the entire US administration that is keen to think of new ways to poke China as if the US earns more money in its coffers each time it creates a problem to China.

Surely, money is what makes the US go round. After a year of “free military aid” to Ukraine, now the US wants poor Ukraine to buy arms from USA, simply and bluntly because after you run out of the perfume tester, you need to purchase the real thing. So, the war in Ukraine now that the testers are emptied will officially start to be a fully fledged warmonger business for the omnipotent king of the world US arm industry. Selling guns might not be an honourable thing to do but it can surely make a few bucks for the US economy to grow further and farther.

So, the US sells guns to Ukraine, the US sells guns to Taiwan, the US sells guns to all other 194 countries of this disturbed world that can afford a riffle. But this is not news and somehow the world has made peace with this fact by somehow looking the other way. What is new then is the American rumour that someone else other than the US sells guns in the world i.e. China sells guns to Russia?

First, the “rumours” will first have to become evidence and not the kind of Bush evidence for the war in Iraq. And in the unlikely scenario they become hard evidence, then the question is whether the US is the only gun producer in this world that makes exports. The latter is rhetorical.

It is to be noted though that concerning the war in Ukraine China recently published an anti-war position promulgating peace and ceasefire in response to the criticism that China supports Russia in this war. Also, China published “The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper” discussing global cooperation of countries for peace and stability in the world. Apparently, China fosters peaceful strategies for the world instead of being a “systemic rival” like the US had told the EU to call China that way. But quite understandably the EU and NATO don’t like that China becomes the middle-man to broker peace in Ukraine, simply because if that happens, they cannot send “for free” tester arms to Ukraine for a year and after that promo to create turnover by selling riffles to poor Ukraine.

In any case, the US and its satellites (e.g. EU) on the one hand and China on the other need to sit down together, ease tensions and collaborate peacefully if this world is not doomed to have a new and then another economic crisis, trade wars, World War III and/or nuclear apocalypse. As the Freeman chair in China studies at the American think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington recently said: “there is a clear need for the two powers to collaborate on shared transnational challenges.”

That’s right, the need is clear but what is even clearer is that the peoples of the world are fed up with wars all around and abrupt American imperialism and what they just need is peace and a pinch of prosperity to live by this short life. Whoever likes business, opens a startup in Silicon Valley, doesn’t sell guns to Ukraine.

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