Upcoming Technologies That Will Change Our Lives


(Credit: Unsplash)

A significant change in technology comes about every few decades. These are moments in our lives when something happens that transforms the way we live, do business, play, act, and go about our daily lives. When we look at the big picture, there have been technological advancements taking place around us for years. But the time humankind took that massive jump into a new future, is just around the corner.

Analysing the turning points of the past, that have pushed our lifestyles into a new direction, we note that changes took place in one or two industries at a time. Whether it was the mass production of commercial cars, the use of the internet or the changing nature of mobile phones, each one of these developments happened over time while the world focused on them individually. Now, things are a little different, as we are witnessing progress across the globe, and in multiple fields of businesses at the same time, making the future all the more exciting and worth the wait.

Space Tourism

The most talked-about “revolution” in the works, in the travel industry, is space tourism. The idea of taking everyday people, with a big bank balance that can get them a ticket, into space, for a joyride, has everyone intrigued. Companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are leading the race to be the first to take paying passengers on a trip of a lifetime. Add to that the renewed enthusiasm in wanting to colonise the Moon and eventually Mars, and there are several billions of dollars being put into space programs, with success expected over the next couple of decades.


(Credit: Unsplash)

Automobile Industry

The automobile industry has been in a state of constant change, making cars safer for passengers and the people on the roads. These subtle transformations have given us better machines, that run on cleaner fuel, and provide drivers with an abundance of extra features. However, the one massive change taking place at present is driverless cars. An industry-defining moment, if driverless cars were to become standard, we can expect fewer accidents and better traffic. Not to forget, the ease of travelling a long distance in absolute comfort would be a major benefit of cars without drivers. While commercial use is still a few years away, there are driverless cars already being tested on roads as we speak.

Mobile-Health Integration

Everyone has gotten used to mobile technology being upgraded every year. Latest cameras, faster processing, longer battery life, we see it all get better with each new release of a smartphone. But a new phase that is truly revolutionising the industry is the integration of mobiles with the health sector. Smartwatches are already monitoring our statistics, but soon enough mobiles will be able to do an in-depth analysis of the person holding the phone. Eventually, this tech will detect any anomalies in health, will encourage a person to take specific directions for their betterment, and more importantly, will be able to call emergency services automatically, should the owner of the phone face any issues, from being in an accident to suffering a sudden heart attack.