60″ with Harry Sting

Harry Sting is a unique feature powered by europeansting.com, Your Political Newspaper. Harry, a veteran famous journalist, is critically discussing EU Affairs and political decisions in Europe. Watch the 60″ with Harry Sting at europeansting.com or youtube.com/europeansting. Currently Harry is being freshened up and will be back in action very soon.

Episode 25: And the Oscar goes to… Barroso

Episode 24: Congratulations! Unemployed European youth can now be unpaid dog escorts! 

Episode 23: Obama needs my FacebookPokes to fight Terrorism! 

Episode 22: Christine Lagarde sings a la Elton John 

Episode 21: Freud, his renovated couch and the Germans 

Episode 20: Angela doesn’t share food! 

Episode 19: Merkel and Reagan: Two Historically Ludicrous Statements 

Episode 18: The revenge of the GMO Soybean from Malta 

Episode 17: Merkel sings lullabies to the German voter and he is sleeping like a baby 

Episode 16: IMF and G20 are after the Pirates of the Mediterranean! 

Episode 15: 27 washing machine manufacturers recommend Tide for money laundry

Episode 14: The end of the Eurozone from Helsinki with love

Episode 13: The Pinky and the Brain set to conquer Europe!

Episode 12: Who will save Europe from the modern Caligula?

Episode 11: In the next Bailout the Troika will demand our Underwear too! 

Episode 10: Merkel stole the car but won’t go far. Democracy tank is running low!

Episode 09: Charlie Chaplin, the Five Star Hotel Movement and the worst are yet to come! 

Episode 08: Let the PIGS pay for our new office golf course in Frankfurt!

Episode 07: The European Commission is Horsing Around!

Episode 06: The Bridge on the River Kwai – The Brussels Version!

Episode 05: If we buy the Parthenon and Delphi, do we get Olympia for free?

Episode 04: I am starving, therefore I am competitive!

Episode 03: – Mom, why do we need to be in the European Union anyway? – My baby, City cannot fit us all!

Episode 02: Granny, it’s time you die! We’ve got to save the bank!

Episode 01: It’s ok Honey; it was only a bad Forecast!

Harry Sting’s Welcome Speech


  1. […] Tune in for pithy comments, biting analysis, blatent insults with no subtlty decoder ring necessary.  Harry (the name) means to harrass.  This guy was properly named when. He was a newly born Avitar.  I like the sense of humor and insulting analogies.  Refreshingly obnoxious but sofisticated.  Give it a lookie-looey. https://europeansting.com/harry-sting/ […]

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