G20 LIVE: “International communities and leaders have great expectations for 2016 G20 summit in Hangzhou China”, Mr Wang Xiaolong, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s special envoy stresses live from G20 in Antalya Turkey

ANTALYA, TURKEY - NOVEMBER 14 : Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives at the Antalya International Airport for the G20 Turkey Leaders Summit on November 14, 2015 in Antalya, Turkey. The 2015 G-20 Leaders Summit will be held in Antalya on November 15-16, 2015. Okan Ozer / Anadolu Agency

ANTALYA, TURKEY – NOVEMBER 14 : Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives at the Antalya International Airport for the G20 Turkey Leaders Summit on November 14, 2015 in Antalya, Turkey. The 2015 G-20 Leaders Summit will be held in Antalya on November 15-16, 2015. Okan Ozer / Anadolu Agency

During the second day of the G20 Leaders Summit in Antalya Turkey HE Mr Wang Xiaolong, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for G20 gave a press conference regarding the G20 2015 developments and upcoming G20 2016 in China. The conference took place in the hotel hosting the International Media Center and the European Sting was certainly there to report this special event. The Sting was the only Brussels-based EU media to be present at the IMC of G20 in Antalya, Turkey.

Mr Wang started his speech by addressing the refugee crisis issue and expressed his hope that cooperation between the G20 countries would be the key in order to find a permanent solution.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s special envoy continued by stating that “the member states agreed to play an important role in the UN 2030 sustainable agenda and expressed their hopes for positive outcomes during the Paris conference”.

China is going to receive the baton from Turkey in order to host next year’s G20 summit. It is true that “international communities and leaders have great expectations for 2016 G20 summit” as mentioned by Mr Wang Xiaolong. That is why China has started to cooperate beforehand in order to make sure that everything will be excellent.

The Chinese envoy answering a question by Xinhua agency about the progress of the G20’s outcomes supported that this year’s summit has made positive evolvement which is in line with China’s expectations and that cooperation is the key to boost economic growth.

More specifically, he divided it in three fronts. The first one is that “there is confidence about the growth of the global economy despite the fact that the world has been facing various difficulties”. Secondly, partnership was again put into the table as a pillar in the fight against economic sluggishness. Thirdly, there has been an overall consensus by the world leaders regarding particular cooperations.

However, Mr Wang Xiaolong didn’t give any details about the development with Japan on the East and South Sea issue when asked from Dasha Afanasieva, journalist of Reuters. His exact words were: “Bilateral relationships are not exactly in the agenda of G20.” At that point, Mrs Yan Jiarong, member of the Chinese delegation at G20, intervened and mentioned that: “We confirm that there has been no meeting during this summit between the Chinese leader and Japanese leader”.

The 2016 Chinese presidency will begin on December 1 and the G20 Leaders’ summit will take place at Hangzhou city on September 4-5, as announced by Xi Jinping, President of China in Antalya Turkey.

The Chinese special envoy of G20 made known that the topic for G20 2016 will focus on 4I’s. More in detail, these 4 I’s stand for: innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy. To begin with, new models must be seeked through innovation and structural reforms in order to address the tormenting issue of global growth. According to Mr Xiaolong, the Chinese President said that “our world’s economy has to deal with weak but superficial demand and that it lacks growth momentum”.

Further, it is necessary to secure the global economic structure against new challenges which put at danger the financial stability and development. The Chinese delegate pointed that trade and investments are not highly ranked in the G20 agenda and this is something that must change. “This is the engine of global economic growth but this engine has not been functioning”, Mr Wang Xiaolong cried out from the G20 summit in Antalya Turkey. Last but not least, it was mentioned that China will urge the creation of a department that is inclusive and interconnected.

It is clear that the global economic growth is lagging behind and China knows that very well. The host of the 2016 G20 summit is also one of the main moving forces that could boost growth and increase trade and investment opportunities. The latter will be taken under great consideration by the world leaders and international communities since everyone expects great things by China which can certainly enhance growth in the world’s future outlook.

The European Sting came all the way from Brussels to Antalya to report LIVE for its prominent readers top class coverage of the G20 Leaders’ Summit. Do you crave for cutting-edge high quality journalism by Europe’s rising star independent media over this hot long weekend of 15-16 November 2015?

Stay now tuned at www.europeansting.com for 24 hour LIVE Coverage and LIVE Video Streaming from the International Media Center in Belek, Antalya, Turkey. Not your style? You can also keep track of our dozens of social media that are on fire!

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