Global Citizen-Volunteer Internships


Country: Brazil

Company: Project X4CHANGE

Area of Focus: Volunteer

Develop and prepare all the material (language classes, topics, themes) and methodology (conversation groups, computer sessions) to be used during the project. Teach basic English and/or Spanish for different groups.

the sting Milestone

Featured Stings

Can we feed everyone without unleashing disaster? Read on

These campaigners want to give a quarter of the UK back to nature

How to build a more resilient and inclusive global system

Stopping antimicrobial resistance would cost just USD 2 per person a year

ECB embarks on the risky trip to Eurozone banking universe

Cities are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. These organizations are leading the urban response.

Yemen hospital airstrike under investigation amid resurgence of deadly cholera

Four revolutionary technologies that are now obsolete

“What a Wonderful World”: the unsettled relationship between Climate Change and Human Health

A Sting Exclusive: “Change is challenge, change is opportunity”, Commissioner Bienkowska cries out live from European Business Summit 2015

Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain receive €279m after natural disasters in 2019

EU-Vietnam free trade deal gets green light in trade committee

Mental health in the times of coronavirus

Gender disparity in salary and promotion in medicine: still a long way to go

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about to hit the construction industry. Here’s how it can thrive

Plastic is a global problem. It’s also a global opportunity

Protect women’s rights ‘before, during and after conflict’ UN chief tells high-level Security Council debate

A day in the life of a refugee: why should we care?

Climate change will force us to redefine economic growth

Why do medical students need to emigrate to become doctors in 2017?

Wash your hands, but keep your mind clean

5 ways the ocean can contribute to a green post-COVID recovery

The Japanese idea of ‘chowa’ – and how Asia can thrive in the future

3 charts that show how global carbon emissions hit a record high in 2018

Multilateralism must weather ‘challenges of today and tomorrow’ Guterres tells Paris Peace Forum

These are the best MBAs if you want to be an entrepreneur

Malta: investigation risks being compromised while Prime Minister is in office

Young New Yorkers bring robots, and a glimpse of the future, to UN Headquarters

Postal workers in France are helping elderly people fight loneliness

EU Trust Fund for Africa: Can it be beneficial for Italy and tackle the migration crisis in the Mediterranean?

Support for EU remains at historically high level despite sceptics

Economic recovery won’t tackle youth unemployment problem

Destroying nuclear waste to create clean energy? It can be done

Joint UN, OSCE engagement can address crisis in Ukraine, other ‘dark spots of conflict’ in Europe

This Latin American country is keeping COVID-19 firmly under control. How?

New Eurobarometer survey shows: The majority of Europeans think the EU should propose additional measures to address air quality problems

Statement by Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, on the announcement to postpone the COP26

Look Mom, even the House of Lords says the #righttobeforgotten is not right

What is true and not true about the new Coronavirus?

Some Prevailing Arguments and Perceptions over the South China Sea Issue Are Simply Wrong

Statement by President von der Leyen on recent developments related to Iran and Iraq

If people aren’t responding to climate warnings, we need to change the message

This is why people live, work and stay in a growing city

After Rio Grande tragedy, UNICEF chief highlights ‘dire’ detention centres on US-Mexico border

Investing in working conditions and quality jobs

Silicon Valley can do more to achieve the #GlobalGoals

5 things you need to know about creativity

Google succumbs unconditionally to EU’s “right to be forgotten” ruling

The deforestation risks lurking in the banking sector

Mental health of health professionals: the alter ego

Is it true that the G20 wants to arrest tax evasion of multinationals?

Appreciation of euro to continue

New Report Offers Global Outlook on Efforts to Beat Plastic Pollution

How water scarcity triggers the refugee crisis – and what tech can do to solve it

LGBTQI+ and medicine

Scotland and First Minister Salmond enter the most challenging battlefield for independence: Europe

Brexit effect: Public opinion survey shows that EU is more appreciated than ever

‘World’s deadliest sea crossing’ claimed six lives a day in 2018: UN refugee agency

Shaping the future of democracy in Armenia

A pandemic of solidarity? This is how people are supporting one another as coronavirus spreads

Telemedicine in Brazilian favelas: The medicine of social isolation transforming public health

Why trust and technology go hand-in-hand

Here’s how we make the internet safer for children

How cities around the world are handling COVID-19 – and why we need to measure their preparedness

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